At Ofori & Associates, PC, Financial Management is at the core of what we offer. We provide a complete suite of
services to support the Chief Financial Offices (CFO), from end-of-period closing to consolidation & reporting and
from performance measurement to business risk identification, revenue cycle enhancement, accounting, auditing
and all the way to process outsourcing.

The O & A Financial Management team helps organizations in the public & private sectors to automate and
accelerate the consolidation process, improve cash flow, streamline processes, optimize their cost base, increase
the relevance and timeliness of communication and financial information, measure and manage their business
performance, and transform their support service operations.
Auditing and Accounting

O & A provides an extensive scope of auditing and accounting services to various government agencies:

Financial and compliance audits of federal, state and local government grants and contracts to determine
compliance with OMB Circulars;
Operational, compliance and performance audits;
Installation of comprehensive accounting systems for administering government grants and contracts;
Study and evaluation of internal control systems;
Accounting systems design and implementations;
Development of comprehensive accounting and operations procedures manuals;

The Accounting/Auditing Services Division is primarily geared towards the acquisition and performance of auditing
and accounting services for governmental, and commercial organizations. Contract performance may involve work
at Regional and Field Offices. All actions and operations of our auditing and accounting services are consistent with
the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) code of Professional Ethics.

Management and Financial Advisory Services

Economic Impact Study Analysis
Market Research and Analysis
Discrimination Determination Study and Analysis
Training, Educational and Logistics Support Services
Risk Assessment Evaluation
Compliance reviews
Study and analysis of operations
Cost management
Financial planning and budgeting
Management reporting
Performance management improvement on the basis of a balanced business scorecard of key performance
indicators and value-based management
Financial risk management and treasury function development
Redesign of the finance function
Financial modeling
O & A is structured to provide a wide variety of financial management, accounting services and auditing to
government agencies.
O&A Team Advantage

The O & A team provides
the financial expertise
comprising of professionals
with complementary skills to
assist the Finance function
in their strategic, tactical
and operational decisions.
Furthermore, through an
extensive collaboration with
the Audit, Information
Technology and Risk
Management professionals
of our Firm, the Financial
Management team can offer
our clients solutions that are
second to none in the