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Ofori Lender Services
Ofori Lender Services
Temporary Support
Ofori & Associates, PC is
structured to provide a wide
variety of financial
management, accounting
services and auditing to
government agencies and the
private sector.
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Ofori Lender Services (OLS)
is the premier service
provider for government and
private sector loan service
business processes. We are
committed to exceptional
services to our clients and to
our clients' customers,
continual growth for our
employees, and positive
financial results for our
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Ofori & Associates, PC has
the experience and capability
to provide a variety of
services to business and
government agencies in the
area of computer systems
design and automation.
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Ofori & Associates, PC can
help companies turn volumes
of paperwork and data into
instantly accessible online
documents. Soon your staff
can get information at their
workstations without leaving
the application they're using.
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Ofori & Associates, PC (O & A) a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) and Management Consulting firm, offers a full
scope of Accounting and Auditing services. In addition to the traditional Accounting services, O & A offers an
extensive scope of other related management consulting services including, financial, economic studies, computer
systems design, and automation support services. (learn more)
Ofori & Associates, PC
provides a full range of
staffing services to federal
and commercial operations in
the fields of Human
Resources, Administrative
and Facilities Support. Our
unique strengths and
extensive experience will
benefit your business
wherever it operates.
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